Two Piece Bridesmaid Dresses

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Two Piece Bridesmaid Dresses Two Piece Bridesmaid Dresses

We are smitten with the idea of two piece bridesmaid dresses. While mix and matching bridesmaid dress styles, lengths, colors and designs continues to take off, we are adding a new theme to the mix! Bridesmaid separates continues to offer ladies the ability to build their own look to fit their body type and style, while still keeping within the theme their bride has chosen. Add texture to your look by adding a chiffon skirt with a lace top and finish it off with some dazzling bridesmaid jewelry. We suggest having each bridesmaid choose a two piece bridesmaids dress in different colors, but within the same family to keep the group cohesive. For example, have each lady chooses the same skirt and top, but choose a different colored top for each girl. Bridesmaid dresses separates are a fun way to add versatility to each dress, while still looking gorgeous!


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